What is Cancer


It has been more than 40 years since the “war on cancer” was started in 1971 and many still do not know, what is cancer nor how to combat it? I know what cancer is, I had it, I beat it without any drugs, and it is not hard to understand cancer once you stop listening to what conventional cancer doctors, oncologists, are saying and start looking at it for what cancer really is.

What is Cancer

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Cancer are abdnormal cells within our bodies whose DNA has become corrupted and the immune system was not able to kill. Knowing how the immune system works is half the battle in healing yourself of cancer. This may come as a shock to you because you still believe that a cure has not yet been found, but this is not true. Conventional western medicine has not found a cure because their approach is wrong and they do not want an outright cure to be found. That would mean the end to their insane profits.


Conventional cancer doctors say that cancer is a tumor, a lump, a bump, a spot, an area in the body. That is only partially true. All of these are the “symptoms” of cancer and NOT cancer in and of itself, because we all have thousands of cancer cells within us on any given day. Yes you read that correctly, you who are reading this right now have cancer cells in you.

So when someone undergoes cancer treatments to remove those “symptoms,” they are not doing anything to address the cancer within the whole body, and this is why in most cases it comes back. Current conventional cancer treatment only goes after the symptoms of cancer, which is like removing the check engine light bulb in your car dashboard to fix your car’s engine problem.


America, “the land of the free and home of the brave” does not apply to doctors who take it upon themselves to actually heal their patients. It is against the law to heal anyone of cancer without chemotherapy, radiation (which are both carcinogenic), and surgery. All doctors that do are called quacks and accused of all sorts of crimes. They either lose their license to practice medicine, get thrown in jail, or both. Some have even gone missing or mysteriously died. But treating cancer patients with drugs that cause cancer is legal?

The majority of people who are not educated, and frankly that is most of the population, continue to believe that they need patented chemicals known as medication from the pharmaceutical companies to be healthy. Put your thinking cap on here and engage your brain. Why would you take an unnatural chemical to treat and manage an illness when you can take a natural food or herb that can do the same thing with no side effects?

The answer to that question is easy. Because you are not educated enough to know that your body’s own immune system will heal you of practically everything when at full strength. The only way to strengthen it is through nutrition with all kinds of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that come from plant based foods. That is EXACTLY what I did to heal myself of cancer 15 years ago.


Fear is a great way to control people. This is exactly what terrorists do. They incite fear into the hearts and minds of people to control them. When it comes to cancer, people are afraid of it because they think it is a death sentence for them. People need to stop buying into that fear machine and realize the free cancer healing mechanism is in you right now. It is called your immune system.

As I said near the beginning of this page, every one of us have thousands of cancer cells within us on any given day. This is also stated in the video of cancer researcher and author Ty Bollinger in my blog the natural cure for cancer. Having cancer cells within our bodies is a natural process in cell growth. The only reason you are not diagnosed with cancer is because of your normally functioning immune system.

This is why I laugh at cancer because if my strong immune system is what keeps me from getting cancer, then if I should get cancer I’ll just do what I did before. I will feed my body with tons of God-given nutrition from organic foods, and targeted supplements that are effective at boosting the immune system. The immune system is the ONLY thing that will heal us of cancer, so why would anyone use a carcinogenic poison like chemotherapy or radiation?


In the above video Dr. Tony Jimenez explains why chemotherapy and radiation do not work and why most cancers come back. It is the cancer stem cells that are the major problem and both chemotherapy and radiation make them worse. The success rate for chemotherapy after all of these years is only 3 percent. If doctors know how bad and non-effective the conventional approach to cancer treatment is, then why are they continually prescribing it? For the money and/or fear.

Unlike many other pharmaceuticals, doctors get a kick-back on chemotherapeutic drugs. This is one reason why many oncologists are quick to recommend it. I truly believe that some do this because they still believe that it will work. Not every cancer doctor is giving chemotherapy for financial gain, some are doing it out of fear that they will lose their license to practice medicine.

But here is another truth from a video on my blog. The majority of people who die of cancer do not die from the disease itself unless it is in a sensitive area like the brain. These people die from the direct effects of the cancer treatment. When you think of people with cancer, many think of people without hair, skinny, lack of energy, and pale skin. None of those are caused by the cancer but instead are caused by the treatment.

Think about that for a moment. Prior to starting the barbaric conventional cancer treatment these people still had their hair, their weight, their energy and their color. They were not in a state of decline and slow death. This only happens after treatment begins. But most people who go the conventional route make their decisions out of fear.

Well fear not because there is a safe and effective way to get rid of cancer without the negative effects of the conventional three and it is called a strong and healthy immune system. That same immune system that keeps track of, quarantines, and kills thousands of cancer cells in those of us who are healthy every single day.


Based on everything I have just shared with you, which is all stated by the cancer doctors, scientists and researchers showcased on this website, in simple terms cancer is a result of a compromised immune system. No one can have cancer with a healthy immune system, it is impossible. Keeping your immune system strong is the best way to prevent cancer.


Alternative cancer doctors and researchers have a much better understanding of what cancer really is and there are many treating hundreds of thousands of people the world over. The sad and criminal thing is, if they openly do it, they run the risk of losing their license to practice medicine or get fined and thrown in jail, and like I said earlier, could mysteriously go missing or die like Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez.

He was a good friend of actress Suzanne Somers, who had cancer and wrote about it in her best-selling book Knockout, and he was also one of her doctors. She posted a great story about him on her Facebook page. She echoes some of the same things I have said in this article about doctors who do not follow the toxic conventional approach to cancer.

Fortunately more and more people are becoming educated about the amazing healing power of the immune system. It can and will heal us from so many things that attack us from the cold & flu to cancer. It is our God-given free cancer killing immune system if we keep it strong or strengthen it by natural means when it is compromised, it will show us just how powerful it is.

If you have enjoyed what you have read or you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. I will answer all of you as soon as I can, even those of you who will leave negative comments because you are in disagreement with this information. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I know I must share mine to help people to laugh at cancer just like I do. Please share my posts. God Bless!


This website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment or advice of a qualified, licensed professional. This site offers people medical information and informs them about alternative medical options. No one should consider that this site represents the “practice of medicine.” This site assumes no responsibility for how the material herein is used. Please note that this website is constantly updating its content and, therefore, some of the information may be dated. Also, be advised that the statements regarding alternative treatments for cancer have not been evaluated by the FDA.


12 thoughts on “What is Cancer

  1. Everything you say makes so much common sense, but it does not make doctors and pharmaceutical companies richer. The best doctor in the world is your OWN body and especially what your brain believes, AND the best food is clean, natural food, water and air. Keep up the good work in spreading knowledge that will make a positive difference for everyone.

    • Thank you Roger! I will continue to speak the truth and teach people that the human body is designed to be self-regulaing and self-healing as long as we take good care of it with an all-natural clean diet and lifestyle. All of this “Natural” stuff has been proven many times over for many years. The reason why no one knows about it is because doctors do not learn it in med school and thus do not tell their patients about it. Then people don’t question their doctor’s advice for taking a low grade chemical poison (medication) for their problems, and blindly follow their advice with almost always worse off consequences. This is why I must educate people to start thinking for themselves and seek alternative information.

  2. Hi Robert,

    I have just spent some time reading through your entire website.

    I am sure there will be many people who would call this information ‘cutting edge” but really, like you say, we have always had the ability to heal ourselves with a strong and healthy immune system.

    I believe fear is the number one cause of death for people who have cancer and not the disease itself, and that this fear has been a deep brainwashing by the ‘mainstream’ medical profession and pharmaceutical companies.

    I also believe that fear and all of its related negative emotions, is detrimental in weakening the immune system.

    The vital information you are providing via this site is both revolutionary, and more importantly, timely, in that I believe there are millions of people now ready to learn how to empower themselves and take back not only their health, but their power as autonomous, intelligent, self-governing, and free thinking human beings.

    Please provide us with a way to share this site and any/all of it’s pages via social media. I look forward to checking back in so that I may do so.


    Warmly, Heather

    • Thank you Heather. Sorry for the late response.

      Both fear and the lack of true knowledge is the cause and manifestation of so many problems in this world. An innocent problem is that most people believe that organizations in health and other meaningful institutions would not be misleading people. When people put their faith in these they short change their true health.

      Many do not realize that you do not need to be a doctor to properly diagnose how you feel. No one other than yourself can know this, how could they? But unless you learn more about how your immune system works and what it can NATURALLY do, you will never understand the great healing gift that the creator has given each one of us.

  3. I loved to read this, Robert. My whole family and extended family have been exposed to asbestos. We have lost 4 family members to cancer, but one, who decided to help herself after chemo failed to cure it, cured it herself with fresh fruit and veg juices. That was at least 10 years ago, and she is such an inspiration to us. Katharina

    • That is great to hear Katharina. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices was part of my all-natural regimine that helped to cure me of cancer too more than 15 years ago. If more people would just take their own health into their own hands, instead of relying solely on what the doctor tells them to do, they would live healthier lives.

      I am not saying that people should not go to the doctor. What I am saying is that people can do so much for their own health and wellness that doesn’t require a doctor’s perscription. True health comes from what we consume and what we expose ourselves to. The majority of pharmaceutical drugs have negative side effects, and many of them are far worse than the problem they are supposed to treat. Mother nature is, always has been, and always will be the best form of medicine.

  4. Hello again Robert, you are in the process of making a real groundbreaking website here, I believe, like you, that God gave us all that we need to heal ourselves from whatever ills we suffer from, in herbs and in fruit and veg.

    Funnily enough, only this morning I was thinking to myself that Hippocrates said we should use food to heal ourselves, but Monsanto has put paid to that saying. We now have to either use growers that we trust are organic or grow our own. Also, have you heard that Monsanto is merging with Bayer, the big pharma. Monsanto makes you ill with the chemicals they put on our food and Bayer eases the symptoms, which just get worse and worse because people don’t want to change their diet. Sorry it is such a long comment.

    • Thank you Steph. It is my hope that this website can be a one-stop destination to get the facts about what cancer really is and how it can be fully prevented and treated without chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery but with an all-natural process. This is how God designed our bodies to kill cancer but many people just do not know the simple truth and follow the guidance of men who treat the body of cancer patients that go against what God has intended. I will be posting, in the near future, a way for people to find doctors in their area that practice alternative cancer and other health related treatments.

      You mention Hippocrates. His approach to health, wellness and medicine by way of food such as fruits, vegetables and herbs, is exactly what God told us to use in the Bible. Hippocrates was following that original Biblical advice by the Creator. And yes, now Monsanto is making it harder for us to follow the all-natural plant-based diet because of their cancer causing GMO crops. These GNO crops lead to cancer and by Monsanto merging with Bayer will give them another cash flow that will treat the problems that their own GMO crops are causing. These big agri-businesses and pharmaceutical companies are committing crimes against humanity, in my opinion.

  5. Wow Rob, I had a dear friend that is now suffering from a recurrence of rectal cancer. This time the tumor has growing on the one side of her sacrum and is slowly blocking the main nerve down her one leg. This too is stage 4 (5 years prior was her first bout with stage 4) and that was when she decided to shun all her friends, and return to chemo again.

    It is so upsetting to not be able to convince her that these treatments will eventually kill her but not before making her sicker and sicker.

    Conventional medicine has killed far too many people and I have always stated that I would definitely refuse chemo if ever I am faced with this monster.

    The chemo has even started to change my friend’s personality now too and I have heard recently that she is pushing her family members away now too.

    Having smoked like a chimney until 2003, been a junk food connoisseur until around that time too… I have slowly been weaned off that bad diet and forced (thankfully) to quit smoking due to a drastic decline in my health… and now… I get to enjoy healthier living.

    I STILL allow myself a sugar binge every now and again, as that has helped me to be able to reduce my sugar usage more and more every year.

    Now I sprinkle my breakfast Bran Buds with a teaspoon of cinnamon and enjoy the natural sweetness of the buds and cinnamon together instead of the heaps of processed sugar that I USED to use.

    • Sorry to hear about your friend and the sad thing is the majority of people who choose to do chemo are scared into doing it by their oncologists who will make A LOT OF MONEY when their patients use chemo. Chemotherapy is the only class of drugs that doctors who prescribe it get a HUGE monetary kick back from the drug companies. This is why most times they are quick to recommend it.

      These doctors scare their patients into treatments that have a 97% FAILURE RATE as was reported in The Journal of Clinical Oncology back in the 1990s. It was proven that chemotherapy does not work 97% of the time. But people do not know that and that plus being scared is why so many people agree to chemo. The majority of people who die of cancer, die because of the treatments NOT the cancer itself.

      A lack of knowledge into what cancer really is and why the standard treatments only work 3% of the time, is the leading cause why people are dying from a disease that God has already given us the cure for. We all have it in our bodies. It is not something we need to get or buy or prescribed. We ALL have an Immune System and that is what God gave us to defeat cancer. But chemo kills the immune system.


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    • That is AWESOME news and thank you for sharing that. As for cancer and many other diseases, God (if you believe in God as I do) has given us all the cure the day we were born, it is called the Immune System. NATURAL plant-based treatments like Turmeric, Sulforaphane, Cannabis Oil, Green Tea Extract, CBD Hemp Oil which I take, Arabinoxylan (from mushrooms and rice bran), and many others can have dramatic benefits against diseases like those you have mentioned.

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