This is in dedication to my dad and sister who are now in heaven because of cancer. I started this website in August 2015 and I didn’t really do much by way of content creation, only getting it visually ready for what I wanted it to be. I started this almost 13 years after my dad, Ernest, died from the negative effects of his cancer treatments. It wasn’t until recently, March 5, 2017, 2 days after my sister Sandra died from the same causes, that I went into high gear to build this site up.


This website is meant to educate all those who have or know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. This website contains life-saving information for the treatment and healing of cancer without any of the standard drugs. This information comes mainly from cancer doctors, researchers and scientists who are being successful in the complete healing of the disease.

It is a fact that people with cancer rarely die from the disease itself. When you here that someone died after so many years battling cancer, what really happened in most cases, is that they died from the effects of the treatments which kill cancer but cause others to spread elsewhere in the body. This is something you rarely hear despite it being totally true.

Because I was really saddened when my dad passed away, I had only just been with him hours prior having a lively conversation, I became even more sad and motivated to spread this information as my sister began to slip away. When a door closes another opens, and with both of their passing into heaven I have decided to Dedicate This Website to them both.

My sister and dad during happier times

Happier Times – My sister Sandra who died March 3, 2017 and my dad Ernest who died October 10, 2002


I pray that God will guide me in this endeavor and bless all those who read the content and watch the videos, with a revelation into the truth and healing power of what God has already provided for us. It is not just because of my dad and sister that I am doing this website. I am sick and tired of the general population not knowing the truth.

Let me explain why I believe God wants me to do this website. Back in August 2013 I was looking for a way to build a website on my own without any kind of technical knowledge. I was willing to learn what I needed to accomplish this because I wanted my own work from home internet marketing website. For some reason I do not remember, I was somehow guided to a place called Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only did I learn the simple process of building the shell of a WordPress website in less than a minute, but I also learned how to start my own work from home online marketing business promoting any product I desired. But there was this voice in my head that said, now that you have the knowledge in how to build a website from scratch, build one to educate people on how to be healed of cancer.

So that is how this website got started and because of the simple yet informative training I have received at WA, I am able to bring you this website and hope that you are blessed from the information it contains. I love and miss my dad, mom, my grandmother Vienna, and now my sister Sandra. I hope you are proud of what I have created here.

For anyone interested in reading a blog I wrote the day after my sister passed into heaven on why chemotherapy is not the answer, you can read it at this link. If you should have any comments, want to share a story of your own, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave them below. Thank you all for reading this and God Bless!

This website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment or advice of a qualified, licensed professional. This site offers people medical information and informs them about alternative medical options. No one should consider that this site represents the “practice of medicine.” This site assumes no responsibility for how the material herein is used. Please note that this website is constantly updating its content and, therefore, some of the information may be dated. Also, be advised that the statements regarding alternative treatments for cancer have not been evaluated by the FDA.


8 thoughts on “Dedication

  1. I am so Sorry to hear of your loss. God bless you for moving forward with this website. It is long overdue for the word to be spread about what is going on in western medicine and the use of chemotherapy.

    • Thank you Deborah for your comment. There is so much misinformation about what is currently used in the fight against cancer and so much censorship of what actually works better, safer and cheaper. I pray that God will bless me and all others who share this information, so that others can become educated and make informed decisions about their health rather than being scared into a treatment that only has a 3 percent success rate over all cancers. We all have plenty of better options than the standard western medicine approach.

  2. Hi Robert,
    I’m not a churchgoer at all but I do have every respect for those, like your family and good self, who have faith in their life.
    I was sorry to hear about your sister’s passing, I wish you every success with your site and with the spreading of your information here and sincerely hope you achieve your aims.
    Very best regards

    • Thank you Mark for your comment. I too am not a churchgoer but I do believe in God and his guidance for me to give the proof that he has provided a better way for healing us of any disease that comes our way. I have lived this way for almost 30 years and have beaten disease, infections and the like using nothing but natural medicine.

      I became motivated after chemo killed my dad and now with my sister passing on for the same reason, I am determined to save at least one life by providing clinical information from doctors who are actually using these techniques with great success. There are always more than one direction a person can take, especially in healthcare, and the information presented on this website is another one of those effective ways.

  3. Hi Robert…What valuable information you have on your website! I’m sorry for the loved ones you’ve lost b/c of cancer treatments. Too many people have passed away needlessly from the toxic chemicals that conventional medicine uses to treat cancer. So glad that you found the healthy alternatives to treating cancer and that “you” beat it! Keep getting the word out that cancer can be cured naturally!

    God bless you!

    • Thank you Colleen. I want this website to help educate people to the dangerous truths of conventional cancer treatments. I want the information I provide to open the eyes and minds of people with cancer and others who know loved ones who have it.

      Cancer is not really as scary or deadly once you know the truth and understand what cancer really is. When I found out that cancer cells are a part of a normal functioning and healthy body, and that it is only because of the unchecked growth that makes cancer bad, I had a better idea on how to beat it.

      The natural way is always the best way. However you will never hear a conventional cancer doctor say that because if they did they could lose their license to practice medicine and will not be able to make a lot of money from the chemo drug kickbacks they get. It’s sad that making money is more important than saving lives.

  4. Hello, I read most of your information and are very impressed on your activity etc.
    You have my greatest respect and I find it
    even more great tha you try to inform the
    public what is realy behind of the medication
    subscribed by the doctors etc. If one looks
    behind “the courtin” one will be shock about
    what realy is going on behind”that courtain”!
    I just became a member of WA. -Kemhills

    • Thank you. I am happy you have enjoyed the information I am sharing on this website. May it bless you and others with the true knowledge about what is cancer and how to naturally treat it successfully.

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