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The key product I used in the healing of my cancer was MGN 3. What is MGN 3? It is an all-natural supplement proven to strengthen immunity. I learned early on about certain supplements that strengthen the immune system. It is the immune system, NOT the supplements that will heal you.

NOTE: When I use the word “CURE” anywhere on this website, I am talking about the natural state of a body that has NOT been diagnosed with cancer. When I say “cure” I mean that the amount of cancer cells that remain in the body are back to normal levels, where they are less than the amount of healthy immune system cells.

I DO NOT mean Western Medicine’s definition of a cancer patient being cured which is, any cancer patient that lives no less than 5 years from the date they were first diagnosed with cancer, regardless of their physical condition.


I grew up a Catholic but around 1989 I left and became a Christian. Then a few years later I left the drug infested Western Medicine bandwagon and started following a more all-natural and holistic approach to medicine and well-being.

Not only did it seem like the logical way health care should truly be, you know – being healed of the cause and not managing the symptoms like Western Medicine does, but it also works wonders for many ailments and it’s inexpensive! God certainly provides protections and solutions for us all.

For the first few years of my new found health and wellness approach, I learned much about how absolutely vital a healthy immune system is for overall health. One of the reasons I started learning all I could was because of the rapidly failing health of my dad and mom.


My dad died in 2002 from a combination of cancer medications and the old age of 86. I was the last person in the family to see him alive, he died several hours after I had a fairly lively conversation with him at a nursing home where he was scheduled to be released in a couple of days.

I remember we were joking and sharing a bag of Planters Peanuts, which I sneaked into his room. He asked me to bring him some because he hated the food they served him. He seemed livelier than the last time I had seen him. Perhaps he was ready to pass on into God’s hands.

Telling my mom was a heartbreaking experience. They were each other’s first and only love and were married for a little more than 57 years. When my dad died my mom was in the early stages of dementia. She lost the love of her life and was starting to lose her memory too. She died of Alzheimer’s disease in 2008.


But two years prior to all of this, when my dad started his cancer treatments and my mom beginning her decline in health, I fell off the healthy bandwagon and started smoking and drinking a lot. I was partying to stay numb to what was happening and not getting a lot of sleep. All of this eventually lead to oral cancer.

As soon as I found out I immediately knew that I was not going to do any of the three standard treatments. First off, I already knew the benefits of the natural medicines God had put on this planet for us to use, that are far more effective than anything man could produce.

And secondly I knew how destructive chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are to the body’s immune system, which is the only thing that will heal us of cancer. So there was no way I was going to do something that would kill the only thing that keeps me alive.

I did not want to be another cancer statistic by taking carcinogenic modalities, that though they kill cancer cells, they also kill the healthy cells of the immune system. Treating cancer with the standard treatments is like stopping one lone terrorist in New York City by nuking the entire city.


The diagnosis of having cancer snapped me back onto the health and wellness bandwagon. I was going to get back my strong immune system and it was going to heal me of my cancer. So I started doing research into supplements that strengthen the immune system and that is when I found MGN 3.

Back then around 1999 and 2000, I subscribed to a couple of alternative medicine newsletters. I remember coming across an article in one of them called “How to Cancer Proof Every Cell in Your Body.” I started reading it and the doctor was doing a review of a new product called MGN 3.

Even though the product literature I read on MGN 3 said that it was a cutting edge immune system booster, there were also claims that it killed cancer cells too. Though that did spark my interest in it, I knew that it does NOT really kill cancer cells because only the immune system can do that.

However MGN 3 was an all-natural product manufactured in Japan by Daiwa Pharmaceuticals and the primary research scientist who helped to develop MGN 3 was Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum Ph.D. Currently Dr. Ghoneum is an immunologist at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles.

It was claimed that MGN 3 would triple the strength of Natural Killer (NK) cells in the body as well as strengthen T & B cells. I had already known from my personal research and from other doctors that NK cells of the immune system are one of 3 types of white blood cells that kill cancer cells.

So I followed the dosage instructions for maximum benefit printed on the bottle. In addition I changed my diet to include mostly raw foods like salads, ground flax seed, lots of cruciferous vegetables, and I juiced a lot of my organic fruits and vegetables.

The Free Cancer Cure

I also took additional supplements of Turmeric, R-Type Alpha Lipoic Acid, Ubiquinol CoQ-10, Green Tea Extract, and Vitamin D3. The only meat I ate was “Wild Caught” Alaskan Sockeye, Coho, and King Salmon. No farm raised fish because they contain carcinogenic substances. Within 8 months of this all-natural healthy protocol, my cancer was gone!


In hearing all of this have you been wondering, why none of this has been heard of in the news? You would think that news of this magnitude would be front page news and being touted as THE CURE FOR CANCER HAS BEEN FOUND! Well there is a good reason why you have not heard of it.

Despite all of the clinical proof and the patient proof from the hundreds of thousands of people being naturally healed of cancer all over the world, modern medicine especially here in the west, does not want a cure because it is far more profitable to keep people in fear and ignorant of the truth.

This is not only my opinion but the opinion of many of the doctors, researchers, cancer survivors, and nutritional experts that are showcased here on this website. I created this website for educational purposes and NOT to sell anything. It will be of greater reward to me if one life is saved from what I share here.

All I ask is that you look at what I will share here on this website and with logic and common sense ask yourself these three questions…

QUESTION 1: If man has been able to put people into space for long periods of time, been able to create super computers that fit inside of our smartphones, and can split an atom, how come after 35+ years since the war on cancer started with hundreds of billions of dollars donated and spent has no cure of cancer been found?

QUESTION 2: If you believe in God, no matter what religion you follow, do you seriously think that God doesn’t have a healing solution for all of our diseases?

QUESTION 3: Because if we all create cancer cells in our bodies every day and our immune system kills them every day, don’t you think that our God-given immune system IS the answer?


The Free Cancer Cure



I hope you find the information I provide on this website to be a revelation. I intend to give you my opinions based on my own personal experiences with my journey and research into God’s natural medicine, and also to reveal the obvious censorship of the truth by the majority of Western Medicine.

Every page and post on this website (except the Privacy Policy page) is going to have at least one video from a doctor, researcher, cancer survivor, or nutritionist. It is my hope that you become educated as to the current state of Western Medicine and the truth about the God-given cure for cancer.

Below is a video of Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum Ph.D., the immunologist at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles. He is the chief researcher I mentioned above on MGN 3 and he has another natural cancer treatment that has yet to see the light of day 6 years later, most likely because it works and Western Medicine doesn’t want it made public.


If you have any comments or questions please leave them below in the comments section and I will return with a reply. Thank you and may you have improved health. God Bless! – Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul. – 3 John 1:2

This website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment or advice of a qualified, licensed professional. This site offers people medical information and informs them about alternative medical options. No one should consider that this site represents the “practice of medicine.” This site assumes no responsibility for how the material herein is used. Please note that this website is constantly updating its content and, therefore, some of the information may be dated. Also, be advised that the statements regarding alternative treatments for cancer have not been evaluated by the FDA.


36 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Robert, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s in big pharma’s best financial interest to keep us sick, and not healthy. Where is money for them if we are not sick???? So sad, and so true. That money is more important than human life?
    I’ve read a lot of reports on alternative ways to heal ourselves, many from actual doctors, and quacks as pharma wants us to believe. I am going to be following your website as I am always wanting more info about staying healthy the natural way.
    Gordi D.

    • Thanks Gordi and sorry for the late reply, I have been short on time in the creation of this website and getting back to people’s comments. It is sad that those who call doctors that are actually saving people’s lives quacks, are the “real” quacks. Because if they cannot admit the truth and see the facts with their own eyes then the only quack around is the one they see when they look in the mirror.

  2. Very good video and btw xlnt website in general.
    The MGN 3 and yeast therapy seen feasible. I do agree no one has or will cure cancer, the immune system will take care of that if we provide our body with nurturing foods giving our immune system an environment to thrive. God does the rest of the work.
    I have been studying healing modalities for 30 years. My Father was a surgeon and had me promise I would not be an MD. As he would have done something different with his life. He considered the FDA and AMA the mob. I took his advise and discovered there are many cures for cancer, but the real problem isn’t technical but sociopolitical. I speak these words as someone who has cured myself of Grand Mal Epileptsy and Type 2 Diabetes all with the use of Gods Garden.

    • GOOD FOR YOU!!! Most of these conventional medical doctors know hardly anything about nutrition and how it is God’s medicine and available to us all. It is pretty sad that these doctors supposedly swear the hippocratic oath upon graduating medical school and then go on to violate many parts of that oath. If they weren’t so brainwashed into thinking that pharmaceuticals are safe and effective, perhaps they would see that drugs do more “harm” than good. Whereas natural medicine from God and what hippocrates advocated, they totally ignore because nature cannot be patented and it really is all about the money. It is sad that they put money before the knowledge of natural medicines that have effectively and safely been used for thousands of years.

  3. Hello Robert,

    Like you I have absolute confidence in the power of our God-given immune system to marshall what is needed to maintain health and should there be a cascade into some negative condition, to recover. I have been an advocate of whole food nutrition since my 20s (I’m 63 now) and now am researching the sad situation revolving around genetically modified foods as well as the alarming situation involving vaccinations.

    I very much appreciate the time you are investing in your site. What a fantastic experience you have to share, in that you had cancer and within 6 months were healed from it. How I wish I could get family and friends to listen to this wisdom, but sadly sometimes I am seen as being, well fanatical, even though I don’t come on strong with folks as that only turns them off.

    I intend to keep you site bookmarked so I can share it with others.

    Thank you for ALL you do.

    • Thank you Linda. I used to and sometimes still do get people thinking I am a nut case for speaking out against the totally bogus “Run For The Cure” or the entire “Pink Movement” because 90 percent of that money raised doesn’t go to finding a cure. Besides, a cure already exists and God gave it to us the day we were born. But the naysayers will not and cannot believe the truth because they have been and are still being brainwashed by the pharmaceutical culture that owns the doctors, hospitals, medical schools, mass media, and even the government.

      This is one of the reasons why my website here is a website of all truthful information with dozens of videos of doctors and researchers that are curing cancer naturally. It is my hope that my website educates and helps to un-brainwash the masses about cancer and prove to them that if they just use common sense in light of the information, they too will see the lie about cancer not having a cure and that they themselves have the power to cure themselves of cancer just like I did and so many others before me.

  4. Robert, when my father died of lung cancer at the age of 70, my mother reminded me at his funeral that all of my uncles died of cancer at age 70 as well. Sure enough, as my father’s younger brothers reached the age of 70 they all were diagnosed with cancer and after painful treatment for the disease, all succumbed to it.

    I was 30 when my Dad passed away and I thought that at the age of 70 I would die of cancer as well. It was like I came with an expiration date. On a positive note, I thought surely medical science would find a cure for cancer in the forty years I had left. I didn’t see that cure for cancer happen.

    Then one day I watched a PBS tv show by Dr. Joel Furhman and he said that by changing what I was eating I could prevent cancer. His program made sense and I began following it the next day. It’s now 4 years later and at age 67 I can assure you that I don’t think I’ll be dead of cancer at 70.

    As a side benefit of changing the way I eat, I lost 70 pounds in four months. I also have a website sharing what I’ve learned about living a healthy lifestyle, part of it is preventing diseases like cancer through nutrition, stopping smoking and exercises. I’ll be watching your website with great interest. Maybe we can exchange guest blogs at some point.

    All the best.

    • That is AWESOME Phil! Too many people fear cancer because they believe it is a death sentence, when in actuality going through the standard treatments for cancer will put people on a closer path to death than if they would take an alternative way. When some people and many doctors, foolishly I might add, hear the word alternative, they think of snake oil and quackery. Changing one’s diet and lifestyle choices IS AN ALTERNATIVE and since when is following that path quackery?

      Cancer and many other diseases like type 2 diabetes can be completely reversed by just diet, light to moderate exercise, clean water, and restful sleep alone! Just because an oncologist says a person must do chemo or radiation does not mean it will work, and 97% of the time chemo does NOT work, according to the Journal of Clinical Oncology. So what you are doing is the right thing to do and I am sure you know and feel it is true.

  5. Natural is the best way to go! I was on so much medication from having neuropathy, fibro, degenerative disc disease, PAT, and so much more. My immune system was so messed up that I couldn’t keep food down if I took more than three bites. Needless to say, I ended up in the hospital for almost a week and was on a drip of vitamins and morphine doses just to bring my immune system up to a healthy level and to calm all the pain.

    I still have to take 5000mg of gabapentin each and every day, because of the neuropathy in my feet and hands…I absolutely hate it!!! I want to find something natural so I can get off medication for good and feel like I still have a life to live.

    I had been seeing a naturalistic doctor (along with my medical doctor that prescribed all the meds)before hospitalization. I feel that if I would have quit all the prescribed meds then the naturalistic doctor could have helped me and I would not have ended up in the hospital. Just need to find something natural for neuropathy and I could feel good again!!

    • Natural is always the best way to go. When people go food shopping, would they rather purchase something that says made with chemical “chemo” poisons or would they purchase something that says “All Natural”? Since when does logic say that taking a man made lab created chemical, which medication is, will be better for a person’s health than an “all natural” plant-based medicine? Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

      The reason non-naturopath doctors do not advocate natural substances is because medical schools DO NOT teach any form of natural care. They only teach how to “treat” medical problems with pharmaceutical drugs, because the pharmaceutical industry owns all of the medical schools. So every doctor is programmed to use drugs and drugs alone. This is why it is important for people to do their own homework and find a Naturopath doctor. They are not had to find.

      As for your neuropathy, Alpha Lipoic Acid is the BEST all-natural nutrient for neuropathy. I know many people who had bad diabetic neuopathy and were taking the drug Lyrica and were not getting better. About a week or two after they started taking ALA as directed, they all saw marked improvements. Go to Google and search for “Whitaker Wellness Institute” and read the articles Dr. Julian Whitaker writes about how he and his staff of doctors are using ALA for neuropathy and other conditions. ALA was even part of my cancer cure. It really is a miraculous nutrient and totally all natural.

  6. Hi Robert,
    I like you was raised as a strong Catholic, but left the church when I was 19 and never felt a strong belief in God since. History, Philosophy and the Sciences led me in a different direction.

    BUT I totally believe and support you in what you are doing. I lived in China for 12 years and the diet (little sugar and carbohydrates) convinced me my life span would have increase by at least 5 years. The body and mind are your best doctor, and the right nutrition and fresh air is much better than pharmaceuticals that may lessen symptoms, but actually kill you.

    I would add that I am now reading “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton and may yet find a spiritual belief once again. In the mean time don’t give up on us non-believers.

    • Roger, I would never give up on a non-believer because all they are are victims of “religion” which is a man made ideology and not a God-given way of life. When I left the Catholic church and became a Christian, I left all of the symbolisms and became more spiritual. Some may argue that Christian and Catholic are the same but to that I would say, no they are NOT the same. They do share some values but for the most part they are much different. Catholicism is a religion, where real Christianity is not a religion.

      Getting my spiitual house in order also helped in getting my health house in order. God created the human body to be self-regulating and self-healing with the right natural nutrients, clean food and water. We are what we eat and do to our bodies on a daily basis. Though we cannot control all that affects us, we can control a lot, but we must make an effort to do so and stop waiting for our doctors to tell us to do so.

  7. WOW! First, I want to say an excellent job of killing cancer! I also believe that you were receptive enough and willing to educate yourself and try natural ways to fight, and that helped you tremendously. Not everyone is like that, and usually, the ones that are not alert and receptive don’t go far. I personally had experience talking to people needing help and sharing what worked for me and their not so positive reaction to what I had to say. If you are not prepared and have no faith, don’t expect much to happen. Your faith, on the other hand, is strong as a rock. Great website! Great job on sharing! Thank you!

    • Most people who are not receptive are not smart enough to know the truth about modern medicine. They are nothing more that a money-making cash cow for the pharmaceutical companies who OWN all of the medical schools and DO NOT teach their doctors, but rather program them to “treat” and not cure with only patented pharmaceutical chemical drugs and medications. If people do not want to be receptive then that means they would rather follow a doctor who is not trying to cure them but to keep them forever medicated and in financial debt. – Personally I believe my overall and long-term health is far more important than making a doctor and the pharmaceutical companies more money.

  8. Greetings, Robert;
    Thank you so, so much for educating us and “un-brainwashing” us to see the REAL, natural cure for cancer.
    Not only are you practicing Christianity in its truest form, you are also reminding us of the physical science and biological FACT of God’s garden!
    You are a great friend to all of us.

    Hugs and Blessings,

    • Thank you Terry. I am happy to spread this truth but I am also saddened that many will dismiss it, and in turn dismiss God’s own answer to everything that is to keep us well.

      In my opinion, if a Christian or anyone believing in God, will believe men and women of western medicine who practice the use of drugs and not the natural holistic way of medicine that God intended, they are putting these people above the knowledge of God.

      I also find it interesting that doctors are supposed to follow the Hippocratic Oath but yet they fully ignore what Hippocrates said. “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.”

  9. Dear Robert, I wish I had known about your website a year and half ago when my father was diagnosed with cancer to the kidney (it was removed and he was fine) and with colon cancer. Almost his whole colon was removed. He died a month after the operation. I am in Wealthy Affiliate and never knew or realized that you have this website. My dad was 86 when died and although I am a middle age woman; I cannot “get over his passing”.
    However, I will let a friend of mine know about MGN 3. Her daughter has cancer.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • You are welcome Martha. It has been my intention for year to create a website that provided facts about how people can be healed of cancer without poisoning themselves with chemotherapy and radiation. The problem with the majority of people who are diagnosed with cancer is that they do not take the time to make rational decisions. They are all scared into treatments that statistics show does not work more than 3 percent of the time.

      I hope the information I provide on this website from doctors and researchers who are curing cancer, as well as the opinions and stories from cancer survivors, will help those who have been diagnosed to make an informed decision instead of acting out of fear. Cancer rarely kills anyone, but the conventional treatments for cancer are what causes the majority of cancer deaths. How many more people have to die before people wake up to the truth? I want this website to open the eyes of those who still fear cancer.

  10. Robert, I was unaware of your cancer but I congratulate you on your progress and vitality! I know all about what chemo and radiation therapies do to people. My wife Susan died after only 8 months of treatment for lung cancer. She died from the treatments. I tried in vain to get her to try other means of treatment, but she trusted her doctors. I have been an advocate for alternative medicine ever since. Spread the word!

    • Sorry to hear about your wife Kenneth. It pains me to no end when I continually hear about people dying because of cancer, especially when friends and loved ones believe the lie that cancer is what killed them. Cancer treatments are what kill people, not the cancer itself. Unfortunately most people will put their blind faith in their doctors instead of taking it upon themselves to become healthy.

      One of my sisters has had Stage 4 cancer, which has spread to various parts of her body, for more than 20 years now. People are amazed when they hear how long she has survived at Stage 4. Other than a lot of prayer I believe the reason she has survived all these years is because I finally got through to her that taking supplements that boost the immune system and eating/drinking fresh raw fruits and vegetables, will help her fight off cancer.

      Though she has not fully embraced the natural approach and these cancer doctors of her’s are still giving her all kinds of poison, she is doing some of the natural approach and it has prolonnged her life, even beyond where doctors thought. I want the information on this website to finally get people to open their eyes to the truth about what cancer really is, why it is not a death sentence, and how it can be cured.

  11. Thank you boomergp08 for sharing such important information which I strongly believe in and I am sure everyone who reads this will be convinced too – ‘Health is wealth’. Thank you once again.

    • You are welcome Malika. I intend to make sure as many people as I can will learn the truth – that cancer can be cured from what we already have in our bodies right now – our God-given immune system. Build it up strong through natural means and you will not get cancer. But if it becomes compromised and you are diagnosed with cancer, just boost your immune system back to full strength and it will kill off the cancer.

  12. Hi Robert
    Great website .. It can be a reference for all who want to read about cancer or to cure from it
    Your story is inspiring.. God bless you

    • Thank you Rania and many blessings to you too. I pray that this website will be a blessing to those who are seeking for the natural way to heal themselves of cancer, which God gave us all the day we were born.

  13. Robert, thanks for your personal testimony… It is very inspiring.
    Love your site.
    Knowledge is power!

    • Thank you Judy. I hope more people can learn and use this knowledge to save their or a loved one’s life from cancer and the cancerous treatments currently used.

  14. Hi Robert,
    I know the pain of losing someone to cancer, I lost my Mom and Mother-in-law at the time to cancer. I have noticed that every person I know of that gets Kemo, seems like they don’t last very long after. Kemo makes them weak and not have the strength to fight. I wish I would have known more about natural remedies and maybe they would have lasted long to put up a fight. Thank you for your informative site, I will be bookmarking it.


    • Chemo is extremely toxic and can also cause the cancer it does not kill to become more stronger and spread to other parts of the body. If it weren’t so toxic, the doctors that administer it to the cancer patients would not have to be covered and wear gloves and a face mask.

      The act of poisoning a person with chemotherapy just so they can get better from cancer is an ass-backwards way to kill cancer. Yes chemo kills cancer cells but it also kills the white blood cells of our immune system which we need to survive.

      This is one reason why people who get chemo eventually die because of it. Cancer itself kills a small percentage of people who have it. The majority of people die from the toxic treatments and not the cancer.

  15. Great website and testimonial for healing your cancer with natural, God-given resources. I have shared on Facebook for my baby sister who was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Liver Disease at 37 yr. and was given five years to live, shes at 7 yrs now, but is on the liver transplant list in Houston TX. I am hoping she might find natural remedies if possible. Thank you again for sharing this information. Truly invaluable information.

    • You are welcome. If she is having problems with her liver one natural nutrient that is extremely beneficial can help. Alpha Lipoic Acid, which was one of the powerful antioxidants I took as part of my cancer-healing protocol, can help your baby sister. Alpha Lipoic Acid, ALA, has been clinically proven to help many patients who are experiencing a wide range of problems with their livers, including liver shutdown. Just do a Google search for “Dr Berkson Alpha Lipoic Acid” and you will find many helpful articles.

  16. Dear, Robert.
    Thank you for providing this service through your website. It is a wealth of information and offers the kind of value that people are looking for.
    I find myself in a similar situation as you. Dad was a doctor of alternative medicine and sometimes considered a ‘Quack.’ But his medicine did prove to be good. He passed in 2013 at the age of 83 due to a fall and hitting his head. Mom joined him in 2018 and was suffering from the same alzheimer’s of that which you speak.What is being presented here on this site actually makes a lot of sense. Remain objective and stay the course. Love and peace is actually a cure too. Kindest regards from Southern Ontario, Canada. -Paul Mindra.

    • Thank you Paul. I have to shake my head in disgust and then laugh at the doctors that call other doctors that are ACTUALLY HEALING their patents, Quacks or some other ignorant name. Alternative Medicine is nothing more than the different types of medical practices that are NOT taught in pharmaceutical owned and operated western medical schools. Those who claim quackery are the true quacks.

      When people hear “Alternative Medicine” they quickly and wrongfully think of snake oil doctors or weird medicines that are based on quackery. That is so stupid on its face. I am sure most people who call alternative medicine quackery have gone to a Chiropractor, or has gone for a Massage or even Acupuncture. ALL 3 OF THESE and many others forms of treatment are ALL alternative medicine.

  17. Hi Robert,

    First of all, I am sorry for your losses.
    I lost my mother less than a year ago,
    I know the pain.

    Thank you for your story and your website.
    I am sure you must of heard about Chris
    Beat Cancer. If not, he may want to hear
    your story.

    I wrote you a comment on your 10 Ways page,
    but now that I have read this page
    and saw some details of your story
    I am so happy to hear your story.

    Was wondering if I could share your
    story on my cancer blog as a success story. Healing your body the non-traditional way.

    Thank you again for your passion!

    • Yes Cindy. I have heard of Chris Wark of Chris Beat Cancer and yes, you can share my story. Share this website too! I sell nothing on this website. I am only offering FREE information from cancer doctors, researchers and survivors like myself, Chris Wark and many others.

  18. Hi Robert
    I’m doing some research on things but won’t go into detail here for certain reasons.
    I’m truly sorry for your losses and am seriously happy that you found the cure.

    I have a relative going through stage 4 colon cancer right now and she is going through trials at this point as they can’t cure her. Sad story and I’m not looking for sympathy here, I’m looking for answers.

    I also know a guy that had psoriasis really bad and had to take medication for it. This ruined his liver and in the end killed him.

    So this is very inspirational and really interesting to me.

    I found this website while researching things and felt I just needed to comment.

    Thank you for your story and I’m sure you gave some people an answer and I’m sure your giving other people hope and an option to think about.

    The Cancer word is certainly a scary word and it is unfortunate that we the people look to the doctors for help. I believe many of the doctors are just blind to the power of natural healing because of how their programmed in school.

    Thank you Again

    • You are welcome Kevin. A majority of cancer doctors that are not embracing the awesome and safe power of natural medicine are doing so out of a lack of knowledge. The benefits of nutrition and anything natural for the treatment and healing (cure) of many diseases we face today is not taught at all in all western medical schools. These medical schools are mostly funded by the pharmaceutical companies and operated by them too, just research the Flexner Report on Medical Education.

      However the cancer doctors that do take a huge step outside of the pharmaceutical controlled education box and continue their education in nutrition and use of that natural medicine, are not just seeing great success but are scorned by their non-natural medicine peers. It is a crime against humanity and God when a doctor who is actually helping to save the lives of people with the natural medicine provided to us by our creator, is threatened to have his license taken away or thrown in jail.

      This world is so hateful just because people and natural medicine “alternative” and “complementary” doctors are actually abiding by what doctors used to pledge to doing. Just because they are using a modality that doesn’t include or fully include pharmaceuticals, is not a sound reason to call them quacks or shun them. If doctors and researchers believe in “doing no harm” to the patient and actually “curing” them of the problems, they would be fulfilling their desire of being a doctor and health care costs was plummet.

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